"Love Me (Country Swing)"


About Sule

As a regular performer at the legendary Jello Bar in Montreal, Sule (pronounced Sou-Lay) had many chance encounters with musical royalty. Although each would make for a great story, one such encounter remains particularly dear to him. “I remember this night specifically because I was going through one of those inevitable moments of doubt that happens periodically with young artists. I was genuinely considering throwing in the towel when a gentleman approached me with his hand extended and said, ‘You’re Sule. I’ve heard of you. You’re a very gifted artist’.” The gentleman was Edward Ellington, son of the great Duke Ellington. “He and his sister April’s kindness and encouragement helped me put any self-doubt I was feeling to rest.”

Sule‘s solo career may seem shiny and brand new by industry standards, but calling him an emerging artist falls somewhat short. An experienced artist known for his dedication to his craft, he’s supported acts such as Sky, Corneille and Stephane Moraille (Bran Van 3000) to name a few. He’s also shared the stage opening for acts such as Celine Dion, Kool and the Gang, Sean Paul and Akon, and is heard on albums such as Lionel Richie’s “Coming Home”, Bet-E and Steph’s debut record, singer-songwriter Katheryn Berry’s EP and the Café Méliès compilation series Vol 1. He reached the quarterfinals on season three of “La Voix” (Quebec’s version of “The Voice”). Now, Sule is now forging onward under his own banner.

Whether writing and recording or performing live on stage, Sule shoots for excellence, aiming to give listeners the kind of experience audiences must talk about the next day. “ I want people to have to tell their friends, their neighbors, their co-workers, what they saw and heard. Surpassing expectations is always the goal.”

Acoustic, Country Music, Folk, R&B / Soul, Singer / Songwriter

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Submitted on 1st March 2018