No Service

"Monster in the Mirror"


About No Service

No Service is committed to making the world a better place, through music and action. We are all a part of what we consider to be important truths vital to the harmonious existence of humanity. Each member of No Service works with or has worked with people of all backgrounds to improve their lives. We extend our work to music with the hope of reaching a wider audience with our message. We value the earth, people, animals, love, and friendship. We will always stand for what we believe in, but we will value others opinion as long as it is truth. Our music will hopefully take you through emotions ranging allover your personal spectrum. We hope our music makes you feel as good as it did for us to make. We truly enjoy making music every Friday night as we have for the past three years. We look forward to making more music and we welcome your feedback.
No Service,
Dave, Ian,Tim, Joao

Alternative, Rock

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Submitted on 28th June 2017