Murmur Tooth

"A Belly Full"


About Murmur Tooth

Once a band, now a solo project, Murmur Tooth is the songs of Leah Hinton. Sometimes dark, sometimes light, sometimes grimy, sometimes beautiful, not for elevators, not for dancing.
Leah grew up in rural New Zealand playing classical piano and wanting to be a doctor. At 15 she heard Nirvana’s Bleach album and everything changed. She began teaching herself guitar and decided to study music instead of medicine. At university she formed an avant-metal band and spent the next 10 years playing around Australasia and Europe.

Leah formed Murmur Tooth some years after settling in Berlin, Germany. It was here that she became fascinated by the possibilities of the recording, mixing and producing process as an extension of the creative songwriting process, and she built herself a home recording studio.

“Dropping Like Flies” is the result of this. Written, played, recorded and mixed by Hinton, it is her attempt at capturing that dark, awesome, spine tingling feeling that she first felt when she heard Bleach all those years ago.

Alternative, Indie Pop, Pop (Popular music), Singer / Songwriter

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Submitted on 7th December 2017