Freddie Webber

"Things You Should Know"


About Freddie Webber

I'm not going to start by saying "Freddie is a young, talented, blah blah blah" because you all know that it's written by me, and i'm not one to toot my own horn. If you want to really want to know how good looking and talented i am either buy my music, come to a show or ask my mother. After playing music professionally for 5 years, playing on cruise ships, in ski resorts and touring around Europe in various party and cover bands, there came a time when I released "there's only so many times a person should play Sweet Home Alabama, time to get creative!" The single 'Things You Should Know' is from the upcoming e.p "I.E" which will be released in September. Please like, share, follow and all that, because as we all know to be a modern artist has nothing to do with ability or talent, only numbers! :)

Alternative, Pop (Popular music), Singer / Songwriter

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Submitted on 15th June 2018