Welcome to Hiscox Live!

Celebrating 30 years of manufacturing cases exclusively for musical instruments, HISCOX CASES is venturing from backstage to onstage with HISCOX LIVE.  Using the strength of the Hiscox brand to help promote talented hard working musicians who spend their lives touring and recording music for us all to enjoy.

With the Internet getting swamped with millions of music videos every day, and it becoming increasingly more difficult for up and coming artists to be heard over the music industries drone, Hiscox Live will provide an extra platform for great young artists to showcase their talent and more new music for those who love listening.

We started with a small handful of carefully chosen musicians, which is growing as we discover more, as music is selected from the applicants we receive and as we find new talent from the recommendations given to us by you. We will provide you with all the necessary links and info you need to find these bands\artists online and on stage, so when you fall in love with them, you will know what they are doing next, where they are playing and even where to buy the t-shirt!